Tan Guangyuan
Tan GuangyuanSenior Director, Operations Centre

Tan Guangyuan, 45, has been technical director since April 2013 and has been appointed senior director of operations center since November 2015. Comprehensive work management of animal breeding and performing arts management and management of personnel inside the center. Mr. Tan received a bachelor’s degree in thermal turbine from Dalian University of Technology in July 1993. In May 2009, he completed his doctorate in law course at China University of political Science and Law, and in December 2009, he completed his Master’s degree in Public Management at the Party School of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee. Mr. Tan attended the training course for the post of General Manager of the National Tourism Administration on 2006, and the training course for Senior managers of the position of the National Tourism Bureau on 2013. In August 2006 and August 2013, respectively, the National Tourism Administration issued professional training certificate.

Mr. Tan has more than 16 years of experience in the tourism industry. From 1993 to 1999, Mr. Tan worked as a technician in the Dalian Urban Construction Administration, from 1999 to 1999. He has been the chief of staff of Dalian Laohu Beach Reconstruction headquarters and is responsible for coordinating the daily work of the office. In January 2000, Mr. Tan joined Tiger Beach Park as its chief of staff. In March 2003, as a representative of Tiger Beach Park, he was appointed to the Dalian Laohu Beach as Deputy General Manager, responsible for the operation and administration of Dalian Laohu Beach Polar Pavilion. In March 2008, Mr. Tan was promoted to General Manager, responsible for the overall management of the company. He also served as the Director of Dalian Laohu Beach. From 2011 to 2013, Mr. Tan was vice president of Haichang Tourism, responsible for strategic decision making and managing human resources. Strategic Planning and Procurement Department. Mr. Tan has been the Technical Director of Haichang China since April 2013. In March 2010, Mr. Tan became Deputy Leader of the Aquarium Standard Establishment leading Group of the National Aquatic Wildlife Protection Branch. He became vice president of the club in April 2011 and visiting member of the European Union of aquariums curators in October 2011. He also served as adviser to the Dolphin Center in Japan.