Zheng Fang
Zheng FangVice President

Zheng Fang was appointed as the vice president of the Company with effect from November 2021. She is now responsible for the Group in the areas of strategic brand development, market insight and consumer research, marketing and sales management, derivative business development management and IP strategy planning and implementation, business management and property management, development of innovative revenue-generating products and operation management
for direct sales platform on the Internet. Ms. Zheng obtained a bachelor’s degree in investment economics from Liaoning University (辽宁大学) in July 1999.

Ms. Zheng has over 20 years of experience in the investment and operation, brand management, integrated marketing, channel development, and management and practices of derivative operation in cultural tourism industry. She created a marketing and operating model for polar ocean theme parks in China together with management team, focusing on the integrated brand marketing of ocean theme parks in the mobile internet era, fully realising the establishment of brand management system, market research system, channel gridding system and internet sales centre, and also promoting the development of in-park entertainment, retail, catering, hotel and other business formats. Ms. Zheng has repeatedly received awards such as the China Great-Wall Advertising Awards – Brand Innovator for the Year and IAI International Brand Influencer for the Year. She has been appointed as a member of IAI International Advertising Association and an executive director of the advertisers’ committee of China Advertising Association. In addition, Ms. Zheng has acted as a judge for prestigious awards in the industry for consecutive years such as Greater China Effie Awards, IAI International Advertising Awards, TOP digital Innovative Marketing Awards, Creative Award for Chinese International Innovation Festival and the Tiger Roar Award.