Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park is off the coast of east China sea, beside the Dripping Lake of Pudong New Area, a core tourism destination of Yangzi River Delta area, where seaport, airport, railway, highway and waterway are interconnected. This project covers an area of about 29.7 hectares, with an overall floorage of about 205,000 square meters, of which 147,000 square meters are above the ground.

Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park is a world-class flagship park and the pinnacle among all the ocean-themed parks built over the past two decades in China, with its top international standards achieved in thematic features, project quality, park scale and construction level. Themed on ocean culture, this project can be divided into 5 major theme areas and 1 ocean resort, consisting of 6 exhibition venues, 3 large-scale animal interactive performance venues, 2 large-scale cinemas and over 10 recreational facilities. At here, you may enjoy the unique arctic and antarctic scenery, the fantastic deep sea view and the stunning volcano lava, the extraordinary adventure and wonderful animal show, the five 5-star animal-themed hotel rooms with 360-degree panoramic rooftop.

Sanya Haichang Fantasy Town Located in the coastline of Haitang Bay and in the central area of Haitang-Bay high-end hotel zone, this project is China’s first immersive ocean-themed entertainment complex that integrates cultural tourism, leisure vacation, entertainment and innovative business. Through advanced sci-tech and interactive means, this project enhances science popularity, tourist participation and entertainment. The diversified cuisine and scene-oriented shopping area here will meet your high-quality demands of leisure consumption.

Around the theme of “Perfect Vacation” for all day and all season of Sanya, this project will be built into several sub-theme areas: Haitang Bay, African Sea, Persian Gulf, Bay of Bengal, Java Sea, South China, Waterside Hallway and Fantasy Ocean Theater, in an effort to create a global experience in ocean culture, to offer one-stop all-round resort services and to build a new benchmark of world-class entertainment!

Located in the beautiful Shilaoren National Tourism Resort (an AAAA National Scenic Spot) and opened up on July 22, 2006, Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park integrates Polar Oceanarium, Happy Theater, Deep Sea Fantasy, 5D Dynamic Experience Hall, Polar Babyland and other entertainments to create a scene-based theme park, full of science and entertainment and interactivity.

Here, you will have an unforgettable experience, by watching its polar circus show “Whale Competes with Dolphin”, “Happy Walrus”, “White Whale’s Love”, and its five-stars show “Fairy Tale Mermaid”, “Walrus Concert”, “Adorable Polar Bear Show”, “Sea Lion Dance Group”, “Penguin Diving Contest”, and by attending other dreamlike night tour and stay-overnight activities.

As the shooting place for more than ten famous movies (e.g. the “Ocean Paradise” and “Love Bank”), Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean Park has become the first choice for shooting domestic ocean-themed movies, which will further its cross-border cooperation in the future.

Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park was opened up in 2010, as an important strategic step in its nationwide layout. Covering an area of about 240,000 square meters and themed on science education, exhibition, animal show and interactivity, this park offers a variety of entertainment selections including sight-seeing, relaxation and parent-child activity, which is the only comprehensive, professional and large-scale ocean theme park in southwest China

To diversify the interactive facilities in the park, a new four-dimensional theater was established in 2013, and the first Light&Sound Interactive Hall in the southwest China was also set up in 2015, called the Deep Ocean King Kong. In 2016, the new generation of multimedia children’s entertainment project was set up, and in 2017, China’s largest single jellyfish museum – The Fantasy Jellyfish Museum – was established in Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean Park. With more ocean theme entertainment projects being established and more diversified ocean culture being spread, tourists will get access to more comprehensive and in-depth knowledge.

As an AAAA scenic spot, a national base for science education and the only polar museum in north China, Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park is known as one of “the Top-ten Popular Ocean Theme Parks Among Consumers” and the “Preferred Destinations for Parent-Child Activities” for its rich and unique polar marine resources, superb animal star show and diversified interactive projects.

Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park is an open area covering 49,000 square meters, in a whale-like composite structure and with eleven large exhibition areas. Its high-end feature products are well received by tourists, including the three performances, five animal science shows, stay-overnight activities and night banquet. Its newly-built Future Jellyfish Museum is not only the largest theme museum in China, but also the first museum that is built with an open backyard. Through the over 80 display tanks, a total of more than 10,000 jellyfish in 20 species are on display, which is highlighted by the digital and sound-and-light interactive effects to render a colorful and fantastic world.

Yantai Haichang Whale Shark Ocean Park is a unique nautilus-shaped building. Covering an area of 16,700 square meters, the park is featured ten exhibition areas, respectively the whale shark, shark, turtle, manatee, coral, jellyfish, and the happy theater, the deep sea adventure, the mermaid legend and the dynamic ocean. Modern sci-tech means is employed to produce the amazing sound, light, shadow and other visual effects for a colorful ocean wonderland to be presented.

The whale shark area is the core, where the largest oceanic fish – the beautiful and mysterious whale shark – is on a panoramic view in the 3,000-square-meter tank, which is built with Asia’s largest single acrylic glass (16×5.4 meters).


Wuhan is a traffic hub in central China. In 2011, Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean Park was set up, marking a important achievement in its nationwide strategy. This park covers an area of over 60,000 square meters, shaped like a white whale and included various exhibition areas inside, in particular the 270o subsea tunnel, penguin enclosure, twin polar bears enclosure, which are well welcomed. In 2013, this park was designated by Chinese Academy of Science as the research base for cowfish.


Dalian LaoHuTan Pole Aquarium was set up in 2002, featured arctic and antarctic animals and scenery, which is the first successful case of Haichang’s trial in the polar ocean park sector. This park serves as a tourist landmark of Dalian city, and since 2002, the design of the white whale image “Haiwa” has become a tourism mascot of the city.

It is the first park to present white whale, walrus, polar bear and antarctic penguin to Chinese audience, and thus get certified by Shanghai China Records Headquarters as “the museum with the most number and variety of polar animals in China”, and by NTAQRAC as “the AAAAA tourist attraction”.




Built under huge investment,Chongqing Haichang Caribben Water Park, which is an AAAA water-themed park in the southwest China, integrates shopping, amusement, catering and exotic scenery and boasts fascinating Caribbean culture and mysterious Mayan-style architecture to constitute an exotic environment and experience.

Chongqing Haichang Caribben Water Park has more than 20 kinds of dynamic water entertainment facilities introduced from abroad, including the tornado loudspeaker, vertical slide, vertical water slide… Its three large-scale water entertainment facilities are heavily invested and launched, which are the water castle adventure, the devil-fish skateboard and the cyclone swim-ring. With a variety of theme activities, authentic Caribbean atmosphere, colorful performance and delicious food, a non-replicable sea park has been forged.


Dalian Haichang Discoveryland Theme Park is located in Dalian Jinshitan National Resort, an AAAAA scenic spot. Themed on adventure, this theme park covers about 470,000 square meters and is the largest amusement park in northeast China. Opened in 2006, it boasts top-notch recreation facilities, global-style performances and colorful celebrations.

The park’s eight theme areas reflect the cultural characteristics of world’s different regions, which is respectively the Discovery Square, American Street, Legendary Castle, Magic Forest, Metal Factory, Mysterious Desert, Crazy Town and Elven Gardens. Besides, many popular rides and exciting live performances in the park are the world’s first.

Over thirty top-level recreation facilities will make your heart beat, which are the rapid landing created by the hanging roller coaster, the “first track in Asia”; the space shuttle of 57m high, the highest in China; the artificial drifting river of nearly 1 km long, the longest in China; and Asia’s first tower-type vertical roller coaster “Super Tank” (launched in 2017). With northeast region’s first FEC “Cool Mini World”, the 7,000m2 indoor parent-child interactive play area and more than 20 parent-child entertainment facilities, a fascinating fun world is also created for children.




Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park is located in the International Cultural and Creative Industry Park of Zhongmu County, Henan Province. It covers an area of 610 mu and has a construction scale of nearly 280,000 square meters. It is the largest ocean park in the Central Plains. The project brings together 12 venues and 24 recreational facilities and 5 wonderful performances. Around the ocean and the polar regions, the two core areas, the integration of innovative interactive scientific and technological elements, focus on building ocean parks and polar parks. Explore the future of the world’s three largest pleasure groups and ocean Hotel Theme, as well as the marine cultural leisure experience business district, which includes: the whale shark pavilion with the country’s first unbounded whale shark display and an original high-body wave pool. The Penguin Pavilion, the first grassland penguin habitat exhibition in China, has the largest cantilevered Arcley Exhibition Pool in China and the Polar Pavilion, which is the country’s first pelican skyline exhibition. And the country’s largest jellyfish show acrylic and the first triangular jellyfish kaleidoscope jellyfish museum.

Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park is another milestone in deep cultivation of Haichang Ocean Park in the Central Plains. It aims to build the only flagship ocean park in the Central Plains. When completed, it will become a new generation of ocean-themed recreational products in Haichang. International class marine cultural tourist destination in the Central Plains.