As a leading marine theme park in China, at Haichang Ocean Park, we have always been focused on autism children group over the years. Since 2016, April of every year has been set up as the theme month of Haichang Ocean Park-caring autism children. Every ear, our 8 theme parks in Dalian, Qingdao, Chengdu, Tianjin, Yantai, Wuhan and Chongqing keep concerning local autism children groups in different ways.

With the help of our rich natural and marine animal resources, we hope to offer these kids an opportunity to contact marine animals closely through our practical actions, making them open their hearts to make more friends and attract more people to care, understand and tolerate autism kids.

In 2017, “Haichang Little Traveler”, with the theme of space, worked jointly with 《Big Hands Holding Small Hands》 to realize children’s space dream and child star dream. Through nationwide recruitment and selection of “Haichang Little Traveler”, the final winner took part in the activity of landing in the domestic famous Aerospace Town and was engaged in the recording of 《Big Hands Holding Small Hands》programme, travelled with Sister Juping together with Ana Sue and Gary to realize children’s dreams.

“Haichang Little Traveler” is an annual brand event of the year in Haichang Ocean Park. It is designed for children and young people, with the goal of going out of the house to explore world science as the core theme. Since 2014, “go to Hong Kong”, “go to Taiwan”, “go to the Equator” three annual thematic activities have been launched successively. 《Big Hands Holding Small Hands》, as a famous public welfare column of CCTV’s children’s channel, is a stage for displaying talent and realizing dreams for young children throughout the country. Is the realization of the child star dream window.

In 2014, the “Haichang Award” for aquatic wildlife protection was held in Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World.

In September 15th 2015, the National Aquatic Wildlife Protection Branch held the “Marine Wildlife Conservation Award recognition Conference of 2014” in Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World. On the conference, it commended scientific research institutions, enterpirses and philanthropists who made outstanding contributions to aquatic wildlife conservation, and presented “Haichang Award”. In the 2014 Haichang Award for aquatic wildlife conservation selection, Haichang Outstanding Contribution Award went to 8 winners, Haichang Defender Award went to 10 winners, Haichang Technology Award went to 8 winners, Haichang Devotion Award went to 10 winners and Haichang Science Popularization Award went to 10 winners. HAICHANG OCEAN PARK HOLDINGS LTD. won the honorary title of charity committed enterprise for its outstanding contribution to aquatic wildlife conservation.

Academician Cao Wenxuan, Director of the Changjiang River Basin Fisheries Administration Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Li Yanliang, Deputy Director of the Fisheries and Fisheries Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cui Lifeng, and Deputy Director of the Endangered species Import and Export Administration Office of the people’s Republic of China, Zhou Zhihua, Agricultural Bank, Fisheries and Fisheries Administration Department director of the Department of Investment and Environmental Department Guo Rui, Hubei Province Water Bureau Director Li Shengqiang and other leaders attended the launching ceremony.

Li Yanliang, director of the Fisheries Supervision and Administration Office of the Yangtze River Valley of the Ministry of Agriculture, said in his speech that animals are human friends. The protection of wild animals depends on you and me, and on the common concern, care, and support of all of us. The theme of the campaign is “caring for aquatic animals and building a harmonious home.” the purpose of the campaign is to promote and demonstrate the achievements of aquatic wildlife protection, and to play an exemplary role in the advanced deeds and figures. Lead the public to actively participate in the protection of aquatic wildlife and create a good atmosphere for the whole society to care for aquatic wildlife.

According to Li Yanliang, president of the National Aquatic Wildlife Protection Branch, although the state and local governments have invested a great deal of manpower and material resources in the protection of aquatic wildlife, But the current situation of aquatic wildlife conservation is still very serious. “the Baiji dolphin, known as the underwater giant panda, declared functionally extinct on 2007. Chinese Sturgeon, the first class protected animal, has not been found laying eggs in its original spawning grounds since 2013. “he believes that working together with Liu Guoliang to advocate for the protection of aquatic wild animals will help to give full play to the social influence of public figures,” he said. Let the public understand and care for aquatic wildlife, let more efforts to protect aquatic wildlife. 

Haichang Ocean Park Holdings LTD. Tan Guangyuan, introduced some experience in the protection of Haichang Ocean Park aquatic wild animal to the general assembly. He said they are actively cooperate with research institutes to carry out scientific research to save wild aquatic animal welfare activities. For example, combined with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wuhan Institute of Hydrobiology, carry out the “watch porpoise” public welfare the establishment of scientific research activities, the finless porpoise base “, jointly assume the porpoise rescue, breeding, domestication and science education responsibility; two is the subordinate project in the city to carry out the” Ocean Park Haichang polar science classroom activities.