Zhang Jianbin
Zhang JianbinExecutive Director and Executive President

Mr. Zhang Jianbin, aged 47, is executive director and executive president of the Company. Mr. Zhang is responsible for the operational management of the Group. Mr. Zhang joined the Group in 2015 and served as the vice president of Dalian Haichang (Group) Co., Ltd.* (大連海昌集團有限公司). Mr. Zhang has over 20 years of management experience in corporate strategic management, operation management, investment management, marketing management and human resource management. Mr. Zhang held numerous management positions in the field of product marketing and sales management in Lenovo Group Limited (stock code: 0992), and subsequently served as the director of post-investment management of Hony Capital Limited.
Mr. Zhang obtained a bachelor’s degree in applied chemistry from the Department of Technical Physics, Peking University in 1997. He is currently studying in the China Europe International Business School for an EMBA.