Haichang Ocean Park, a leading global entertainment company, and the Tourism Development Fund of Saudi Arabia are pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to develop a world-class, first-of-its-kind integrated marine theme park resort in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

Under the MOU, Haichang Ocean Park will act as the project development manager, bringing its expertise and experience in creating innovative and immersive entertainment experiences. The partnership aims to pioneer the development of a unique marine theme park resort community that will create new landmarks and enhance the tourism offerings and quality of life in KSA.

The collaboration between Haichang Ocean Park and the Tourism Development Fund signifies the commitment to establishing a robust supply chain and integrating the value chain in the entertainment sector within KSA. This strategic alliance will foster growth and development in the entertainment industry by attracting international visitors and promoting local talent.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Tourism Development Fund of Saudi Arabia to bring this groundbreaking project to life,” said Mr. [QU] EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of Haichang Ocean Park. “This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our mission to create exceptional and unforgettable entertainment experiences around the world. Together, we will revolutionize the marine theme park industry and establish KSA as a global entertainment hub.”

“We are pleased and enthusiastic about Haichang’s advancements in Saudi Arabia. The recently established memorandum of understanding with the Tourism Development Fund illustrates Haichang’s team commitment and dedication to the project and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This undertaking is a significant milestone, bolstering the tourism sector by attracting millions of visitors and enhancing the city’s overall quality of life. The Ministry of Investment remains steadfast in its support for international companies seeking to explore the Saudi market and extend their footprint in the region.” Majed AlGhanim, Managing Director of Tourism & Quality of Life sector at the Saudi Ministry of Investment

Since the beginning of this year, the government of KSA has continued to promote the development of tourism industry. At the 7th Future Investment Initiative Summit, the government of KSA announced to invest USD800 billion in the tourism industry, attract 150 million local and international tourists by 2030, and increase the share of tourism industry in the economy from 3% to 10%, which indicates the potential for market development. In addition, Riyadh, the capital of KSA, was selected as the host city for the 2030 World Expo this year. At that time, KSA will attract tens of millions of tourists from around the world, driving the booming development of the tourism and related industries, and also bringing more growth space and confidence to the new cultural and tourism projects of Haichang Ocean Park in KSA.

The integrated marine theme park resort will feature state-of-the-art attractions, world-class entertainment, luxury accommodations, and a host of dining and retail options. It will provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience, showcasing the rich marine biodiversity and cultural heritage of the region.

The signing of the MOU marks the beginning of an exciting journey towards developing a world-class marine theme park resort in KSA. Both parties are committed to working closely together to ensure the successful realization of this ambitious project.


About Haichang Ocean Park:

Haichang Ocean Park is a globally renowned entertainment company that specializes in the development and operation of marine theme parks. With a portfolio of successful projects in China and around the world, Haichang Ocean Park is committed to creating exceptional entertainment experiences that combine education, conservation, and fun.

About the Tourism Development Fund:

The Tourism Development Fund is a government-backed entity in Saudi Arabia that aims to develop and enhance the tourism sector in the Kingdom. The fund supports the development of innovative tourism projects, fosters partnerships, and drives economic diversification through tourism-related investments.