Li Changxia
Li ChangxiaSenior Director, Product Centre

Li Changxia, 37, has been appointed Senior Director of the Product Center since November 2016. She is mainly responsible for the strategic research and innovative product planning and design of the company’s stock projects, investment in various reserve projects and new projects. Location planning and planning design, including tourism and leisure products, cultural IP products, interactive technology products research and development, In 2003, Ms. Li received her Bachelor degree in Economics and Geography from the Department of Urban and Regional Economics, East China normal University, Shanghai. In 2006, he received a master’s degree in Human Geography from the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Peking University. He won the ASLA2015 International Award of the American Landscape Society and the Design of the year award in 2009, and the Youth Award of the Global Conference of Chinese Geographers. And published 13 professional papers in Chinese core journals.

In February 2016, Ms. Li joined the company as director of the Institute of Cultural Tourism. Ms. Li has more than 10 years of experience in the top international planning and design consulting companies, and has participated in and presided over dozens of urban planning. Good at market analysis, economic feasibility, function orientation, product design, financial profit evaluation of tourism resorts and theme park comprehensive development projects of different scales. And has accumulated rich team management experience.