Li Xin
Li XinCFO Chief Financial Officer

Li Xin, 45, has been chief financial officer since April 2013. He has been appointed Chief Financial Officer since November 2015. He is mainly in charge of financial management. Mr. Li received a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Economics from Northeast University of Finance and Economics in Dalian on July 1995. In July 2003, he graduated from Jilin University with a master’s degree in law.

Mr. Li has more than 20 years of experience in finance and taxation. From August 1995 to August 2002, Mr. Li has been an inspector of the first Inspection Bureau of Dalian Local Taxation Bureau. In June 2002, Mr. Li became General Manager of the Planning and Finance Department of Haichang Group Company. His duties include financial management system development, budget formation, asset management, Investment and financial reporting and management. In March 2010, Mr. Lee was appointed general manager of Hoi Cheong enterprise development plan finance department and became chief financial officer on December 2010. On April 2013, Mr. Lee was appointed chief financial officer. He has been appointed Chief Financial Officer and General Manager of Planning Finance Department in Haichang China.